Bulk Honey (Local Pick-up Only)
Bulk Honey (Local Pick-up Only)

Bulk Honey (Local Pick-up Only)

Regular price $230.00

We love honey and we do our best to source the most delicious and high-quality honey possible from local beekeepers we trust. We independently test the honey to ensure quality and purity. Our bulk honey is always raw, single-source, and never micro-filtered.

Since our honey comes from a handful of Pacific Northwest beekeepers, we often have several varietals from different locations for sale.

Our bulk raw honey is available by the 5 gallon bucket.

Purchasing a 5 gallon bucket (food grade, HDPE) is the best price per pound for bulk honey and is for local pick-up only. We charge a $5.00 bucket deposit.

Contact us to find out about current varietal availability!

5 Gallon Bucket: $225 + $5 bucket deposit ($3.75 per pound)

If you are ordering more than one bucket, we can deliver locally. If ordered during market season (Mar – Dec), we can often arrange pick-up on Saturday at our farmers market booth in downtown Portland. We can also ship bulk honey via freight - please contact us for a pricing quote.

Order online through the shop and select "Local Pickup" when you check out, or contact us directly.

We can also ship buckets of honey via freight. Please reach out to us directly for us to prepare a shipping quote for you.

email: orders@mickelberrygardens.com phone: (503) 454-6639