Below find the answers to some of our frequently asked questions. Don't see an answer to your question? - Feel free to contact us!

What is a tonic?

A tonic is intended to promote the body's inner vitality. It is nourishing, gentle, and generally safe for long-term use.

Are the tonics alcohol free?

Our Relaxation, Northwest Pollen, and Ginger Honey Tonics are 100% alcohol free. There is less than 1% alcohol in the Honey Propolis Throat Spray and Elderberry and Throat & Lung Honey Tonics.

Are the tonics gluten free?

Yes. Although we are not certified as a gluten-free facility, there is no gluten in our production process or any ingredient used. For products that contain alcohol, we use certified organic sugar cane alcohol which is distilled from gluten-free sources.

Where are your products made?

We craft our unique honey tonics and beeswax-based skin care at our facility in Portland, Oregon.

What does GMP Certified mean?

Enforced by the US FDA, a company bearing GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certification means that they manufacture supplements that are made to the highest quality and standards the world over.

Where does the honey come from?

We source all of our honey directly from Pacific Northwest beekeepers we trust.

Is the honey organic?

Currently, there are no standards set for USDA certified organic honey. The beekeepers we get our honey from do keep their bees on organic farmland and use conscientious beekeeping practices. 

Honey that bears the logo "Certified Organic" is imported from other countries. We believe in working direct with local beekeepers. This ensures that our honey does not pass through many hands before it reaches us. Strengthening and participating in our local economy is important to us. Sourcing our honey locally also allows us to ensure our honey is raw, has not been filtered, and has not been adulterated.

Our honey is independently tested for presence of antibiotics, pesticides, and adulteration.

Where do the herbs come from?

We source our medicinal herbs from small scale, organic producers; sourced locally and farm-direct whenever possible.

How much/how often should I take?

Refer to the serving size suggestions on the labels for product-specific info. Our tonics are designed to be used seasonally and taken as needed.

Do I need to refrigerate the tonics/sprays?

Store products in a cool, dark place (avoiding exposure to direct sunlight and temperature extremes). They do not need to be refrigerated, however, refrigeration is recommended for longer-term storage to preserve the medicinal strength of the herbs.

Do your products expire?

Raw honey and apple cider vinegar will not spoil. We suggest a Best By date of 2 years so that the medicinal strength of the herbs are at their peak.

Why has my honey crystallized? How do I fix this?

Crystallization happens naturally over time to raw honey and actually helps preserve the nutrients and quality. To slow this process, store honey at room temperature or warmer (the warmer the better).

Does your honey ever go bad?

Our raw honey does not have an expiration date and will not spoil.

Is there a difference between the Throat&Lung Tonic and the Propolis Throat Spray?

The Honey Propolis Throat Spray has all of the same ingredients as the Throat&Lung Honey Tonic, although the tonic has some additional ingredients: Mullein leaf, wild cherry bark, nettle leaf, and essential oil of lemon.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do (international shipping rates apply).