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Love spraying a bit in the back of my throat, especially if my throat feels a bit sore.

Cleans out your throat nicely.

Tastes great and makes your tummy feel good.


What a gift

I got my first jar in 2010–it was great and lasted so long. I ordered two this time, one for work. Food allergies sometimes cause painful cracks in my palms and fingers. The Soothing Salve really soothes, but also heals with the perfect herbs and emollients, all from nature. Everyone at work loves it, and I can share, because it’s naturally antibacterial. I’m so grateful! And it smells so good, too.

Love the products

I have ordered several items from Mickelberry-Gardens and have loved every single one of them. The Pollen-Honey Tonic is my most recent purchase. The taste is fabulous. I will definitely be ordering it again.

It’s excellent!

Great Products

Very impressed with your products


I have been using this product for my mother for her copd/cancer treatment to help with lungs. It’s an outstanding product the throat and lung tonic. It kept my mother’s lung healthy and strong from any virus or bacterias. I definitely recommend this extraordinary tonic!



when i was about 13 i suddenly went from having no allergies to the really gross, snot dripping everywhere, i feel bad for you allergies. it was perfect timing for a budding, young, angsty, insecure teeniebopper. since then i’ve had to take Zyrtec or Flonase daily just to keep my allergies at bay, but they were only 70% effective. being 30 now, i was ready to go see an allergist and had started calling around to make appointments. then i came across Mickleberry, at a natural dog supply store of all places. i’m a few weeks into taking Mickleberry Pollen Honey Tonic, and i’m hooked. i sleep better, i don’t need a tissue box by my bed or a snot rag in my purse (yea it was that bad), and i can sit out in my backyard and watch the fruit trees bloom without sticking paper towels up my nostrils. i cannot believe this stuff fixes me for just 1 tsp a day. bonus: it’s not slowly killing my liver!

Five stars!

We randomly stumbled upon this product in a store and it has since become a treasured item in our home. We firmly believe this spray produces awesome benefits. I've raved about this product to friends and family and would encourage all to give it a try! Can't go wrong with this staple!

10/10 would recommend!

I don’t buy honey any other way now. I think I’m on my 4th or 5th gallon. I’ve picked up and had it shipped. Both containers can be repurposed. I also love their propolis and bee pollen!

Found by accident at CVS ...😱

This tonic worked so well, I ordered more bottles on line. Fantastic product ~ keeps my lungs loose. I love the taste of it.

Relief - finally!

Before I started using Pollen Honey Tonic, I dreaded the onset of Spring. My eyes would itch and water constantly for about 3 months. I couldn't wear makeup as it would be streaming down my face. The salt in my tears burned the skin around my eyes. I start taking Pollen Honey Tonic at the end of January - 1 tsp every day and by the time the cherry blossoms are out, I am ready for them. My eyes thank Mickelberry Gardens for lasting relief!

Much needed

I have been using the baby salve for a month now and it really helps my hands feel moisturized and smooth. This has been great especially since I’m constantly washing my hands and using hand sanitizer at work all the time. Love the natural and safe ingredients and glass packaging too.

So good!

I really like the ginger honey tonic. It goes well with a nice cup of tea. I drink this almost every day and it helps with soothing my stomach.

Beautiful wax and very fast delivery. Great smell and color- highly recommended.

Love this product!

This always helps my family. We have many of the tonics and we all carry a throat spray .


I have been buying Mickelberry's Relaxation Honey for a couple of years. It is helpful when I'm having a hard time sleeping & doesn't make me feel groggy the next morning. I have been getting 2 at a time now, one for me and one for my mother.

Seems to be helping my seasonal allergies

I got the bee pollen and the honey tonic for my throat/lungs, hoping to get some relief for allergies. They seem to be helping! The price is good, and my order shipped ultra-fast. Thank you!

Delicious and seems to be helping!

I have had horrible seasonal allergies the past couple years. I ordered some bee pollen and this tonic from Mickelberry Gardens and have been taking it daily. It definitely has helped, and the flavor is really nice.

Love the stuff.

Great stuff and excellent ordering and shipping.


I know you may not be allowed to claim this on this product, but it does wonders for allergies. If you live in the pacific northwest especially. I swear by Propolis, changed my life, like truly did.

Best tonic for cough

This is the best product I have tried ever. Usually I wokeup at midnight coughing and this product stopped my coughing. It's has been almost two years using it. Love it!

Excelent product!

I love this product. It's great for my health!