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good stuff

a teaspoon of this stuff and my COPD cough is gone within a few seconds.

Raw Honey
Beatriz Parga
Best Raw Honey

We love Mickelberry Honey, it’s the only honey we buy for Bridal Veil Lodge guest and our personal use.

Beyond expectation

I’m on my second bottle! I wasn’t sure it was working until I stopped taking it, and then all my headaches, itchy eyes and sneezing came back. If you need help with allergies don’t even wait to get a bottle of this sweet magic!


As I aged, I started suffering serious sleeping problems, so is my youngest daughter. We are both Military & I think that training & live style has left some sequela on us. We have tried so many home remedies for not to get medicated. She is very involved on Holistic Medicine & have researched so many organic/natural options. She heard about this product & decided to used it .It did wonders on her & she decided to surprise me with a small sample. I love it ! It makes us feel good & relax giving us long & better periods of sleep. An excellent product to try for better relaxation hours.

Ginger Honey Tonic
Michael Dean Fagan
Great products

The products are wonderful. My wife and I have been using them for a while. We have tried several different ones and all of them are awesome.

Healthy Immune Booster

Love this stuff. Great ingredients at a fair price. Love the company ideals happy to support them. Was taking this before the pandemic not knowing its immune boosting benefits. Still taking it. I rarely get a cold or the flu. And it tastes great. Recommended.

Cure all

I’ve been taking this since COVID 19 started, I haven’t been sick for the last year. I take a little swig every day. I love it,

Elderberry Honey Tonic
Christina Taylor

I absolutely love this tonic! It surprisingly tastes amazing compared to other tonics I’ve tasted. Excellent product!

Raw Honey
Wil Sharp
Raw Honey

... excellent . Better than putting sugar in my coffee.

Raw Honey
Mary Q
Yummy honey

Very rich honey, great for adding to just about everything. Consistent quality from Mickelberry products.

Bee Pollen
Mary Q
Great product at a reasonable price

I was so impressed by this bee pollen, which I add to my daily smoothies, that I purchased some as a gift.

Ginger Honey Tonic
Celeste Franklin

My dear brother-in-law was surprised by this birthday gift. Not only does it taste yummy, he claims it’s making his arthritic hands feel better. I told him, in vodka, it will make everything feel better. I love Mickelberry Gardens.


I have a thermoregulation problem. I use the salve each morning on my legs and feet. It seems to soothe the flaring in my legs and feet.


I’ve just started taking a couple of drops a day with elderberry honey. Unable to say benefit at this time


Love this company and products! I use it twice a day and feel so good afterwards. When I feel a little tickle in my throat I’ll add some to my hot tea for good measure. I haven’t used medicine in a long time, I go straight for the honey!!

Throat and Lung Honey Tonic
Valerie Vanderslice

I found this at CVS, and before I finished the bottle, I ordered more! I have COPD, and I felt better after just half a bottle ( three days). I will continue using , and no longer have to look for any other products!

my relief

this is the only spray that helps my throat discomfort due to reflux. It even seems to help the reflux.

Pollen Honey Tonic
Marna Baggs
Pollen Honey Tonic

This is really helping with the pollen allergies this spring. Having a local honey and bee pollen is a great idea. And the cider vinegar cuts the sweetness. And, thanks, for having a discounted price on your website. I found this originally at New Seasons for $11. Although I knew it was helping, that price is a bit too steep to make it through the season. Well done.

Pollen Honey Tonic
Claudia Katz

Normally at this time of the year I would be miserable suffering from Allergies but this year it has been pretty good so far and I am sure a lot has to do with the Pollen Honey Tonic. Pretty happy wiht it.

I have chronic nausea, can take the ginger tonic and almost immediately get results !!!it’s great

Great stuff , helps to relax without making you groggy ..

Maria Goff

I ordered several pounds of the A grade wax bars for making lotion, wraps and candles for my shop. I will definitely be ordering more. Super smooth and clean, beautiful color and the scent is to die for. I feel good supporting a PNW company in my PNW company .

Ginger Honey Tonic
Virginia Heafey

I add a tablespoon of ginger tonic to a glass of seltzer. This is a refreshing and soothing drink. My favorite nonalcoholic drink.

Love spraying a bit in the back of my throat, especially if my throat feels a bit sore.

Raw Honey
Tanya S.

Cleans out your throat nicely.