Pacific Northwest Beeswax
Pacific Northwest Beeswax

Pacific Northwest Beeswax

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Pacific Northwest beeswax is in stock!

Our beeswax comes from Pacific Northwest bees kept on farmland in Oregon and Washington. We render the wax ourselves, from the wax cappings that are sliced off of honeycomb during honey harvest.

Our beeswax comes in two size options: An adorable ~3 oz honeycomb shape perfect for portioning out into your recipes, or in a solid 1 pound block!

You can buy a single 3 oz. block, or buy a pound of the honeycomb blocks, or a solid 1 pound block.

The pound of honeycomb blocks comes with about 6 blocks, that each weigh approximately 3.5 ounces.

We have 2 grades of Beeswax - Grade A and Grade B.

The Grade A wax is lighter in color, and is $14.00 per pound.

The Grade B Wax is slightly darker in color than Grade A, and is $12.00 per pound.

Grade A is ideal for skin care products, and Grade B would be perfect for candle making.