Raw Honey
Raw Honey

Raw Honey

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We have honey from our own Pacific Northwest apiaries currently available. All honey is treatment-free, from bees kept on organic land. 

Southeast Portland Wildflower 

This raw honey is from our newest apiary in outer southeast Portland, near Damascus, from our own hives at Naked Acres Farm. It is a wildflower honey, from a lush and wet land of gentle rolling hills, a meandering creek, and lots of blackberry and other wildflowers. This honey has a high moisture content.

Available in a 12 oz. jar, or 20 oz. jar.

Troutdale Wildflower

This raw honey is from our flagship apiary in Troutdale, Oregon about 25 minutes east of Portland. These bees are kept on certified organic land at Bumblebee Farm. It’s a lovely, light wildflower honey from mostly raspberry blossoms.

Available in a 12 oz jar, or 20 oz. jar. 

Southwest Portland/Aloha Wildflower

This raw honey is from a treatment-free apiary located west of Portland in the Aloha area. This is a late summer blackberry honey, and darker than our other 2 options. Very complex and delicious.