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Our 2020 varietals are available! We have honey from our own Pacific Northwest apiaries currently available, along with apiaries managed by other beekeepers we trust.

Unless otherwise indicated, each varietal is available in 12 oz. and 20 oz jars.  See the descriptions below for more information.

Tasting notes on each honey were compiled from a staff taste test. Check out the honey connoisseur guide photo as well, which is how we grade each honey's color in the below descriptions.

Woodburn Blackberry

Blackberry honey from bees kept in yards and farms near Woodburn, south of Portland, OR. Amber color grade.
Tasting Notes: Sharp, tangy, slightly astringent, hints of quince and apricot, peat, earth, slower flavor evolution

Hillsboro Clover

Super light, classic clover honey from hives kept in Hillsboro, west of Portland, OR. White color grade.
Tasting notes: Mild, velvety, lemon curd, sweet foam, buttery, floral, bright and forward sweetness

Pumpkin Wildflower

Enjoy the flavor of the season! This honey is the perfect addition to your Autumn teas and treats. From hives in Stockton, CA. Light amber color grade. 
Tasting notes: Smooth, warm, hint of vanilla cream, coffee, sunshine, whole tongue sweetness
**This honey is the staff favorite!

Portland Wildflower

This urban wildflower raw honey is from our flagship apiary, nestled in the foothill of an extinct cinder cone, where bees forage from nearby native foliage. Light amber color grade.
Tasting notes: Runny, grassy, sharp, astringent, robust, dew on a wild blackberry field, springtime rain, citrus aftertaste

Star Thistle

Light, delicious, and unique, with a bold flavor profile. Light amber color grade, from hives kept in Walla Walla, Washington.
Tasting notes: Floral, crisp apples, neutral, mild, bright, caramel, musky aroma